Choosing a printer for your business


If you rely on a personal computer for your business operations, then it is very likely that you will need a printer. All businesses might need to print; whether it is a formal mail, whitepapers, contracts or proposals, a printer is very important. There are various printing technologies on the market geared towards various needs and picking one can be a head breaking task. This guide aims to simplify the selection process.

Small business

If you are small business owner, the printing needs are unlikely to be quite as intensive as large corporation and companies, and the printing tasks will usually be carries one at a time with just one or two PCs needing to access to the printer. In this case, the ideal printer will be all – rounder all – in – one offering. These are available widely, space saving, affordable, packing in all the needed features such as fax, scanning, printing and copying in both inkjet and laser models.

Large companies and corporations

If your firm is a corporate cog, the real working hours of the printer is going to be long to manage various printing jobs. A work – group laser printer is the unit of preference; these systems come equipped with fast processors, high end print engines and large memories capable of printing around forty pages per minute. These printers in this category come with large printing trays and network printing capability, but cost you a bit more.

Factors to consider when choosing the perfect printer for your business.



The PPM ( pages per minute ) will be of clear importance if you print in large volume. You will rarely attain the speeds suggested by the manufacturer, so it is an excellent option for high volume.


This means to the maximum number of DPI that can be printed and will have values of vertical and horizontal. Around 600 DPI is fine for most, but if you regularly print graphics, 1200 DPI is highly suggested.


This is the costliest part of running a printer. All printers might come fitted with cartridges, but no matter of the size of the business, you must consider investing a most affordable continuous ink supply system or CISS. This type of system will enable high – volume printing to be attained on a budget.

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