Cartridge Services


Cartridge Services

Cartridges refilled by us can be used for various times thereby lessening landfills. Save more money, energy and Planet also.  Facing any cartridge issue? Our technical team will get back to your shortly.

If you are looking for cartridge service, call Crystal German Refilling to know more on our service! We provide all your needs.


You could actually save up to 70% with refilled cartridges also it provides quality and performance similar to original cartridges. The refill business produces a positive environment impact and it lessens landfill.

Yes, Crystal German Filling refill cartridges from all major printer cartridge manufacturers. To know more contact us.

Its almost impossible to spot out the difference between the printing from a new and a refilled cartridge as the ink attributes of the inks we use are suited carefully to those of the real cartridge. We use premium quality ink to offer an excellent print quality.

It can last long or little more than the original cartridge.  New ones are sold as either high or standard yield capacity. Other than being expensive of a high yield cartridge, the only difference between the two is the ink quantity of the cartridge usually have.

With the process and technology of tamper proof refilling, the inkjet ones can be refilled between fifteen to twenty times offered that it is being maintained well.

We suggest you follow some basic tips optimizing the inkjet cartridge life which includes printing at lease once a week and when you see low ink warning, never use the printer and make arrangements for refilling as soon as possible.

Refilling inkjet cartridges helps in saving nature by lessening e – waster and conserving natural resources.

Yes, you can run a test. Call us to know more and to organize a demo and test.

We work hard to ensure that each cartridge works great and problem – free. But in an unlikely event it might cause an issue, we will send our expert to check if it’s a printed related problem or a cartridge related problem.

It is unlikely the printer gets spoil. The only case when your printer might get spoilt if it is uses sub – standard parts, incompatible toners or it is not cleaned properly and not tested before refilling.

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