To do that you will have to go through the user manual or visit the official website of the manufacturer for detailed steps for trouble shooting your laser printer at home.

If this happens, then the toner powder is not evenly distributed, while printing, which might lead to ghost images on the sheet. As of the heat and pressure used in these printers, pre-printed paper might also cause ghosting.

The main benefit of using a laser printer for your office/home is the speed, economy and precision. This can easily move so it can write at a much swifter speed than an ink jet.

If you are loading the paper incorrectly into your printer or paper sticking together can be the cause for paper jams in your laser printer.

You will have to use isopropyl alcohol to clean your laser printers at home. Use a lint – free cloth and collect the dust and debris from the roller. If you are unsure then take expert help. Call us

Streaking is caused by a worn-out drum unit or spend toner cartridge. You will have to reinstall the cartridge to run a test print.

It usually lasts for about 5 years. The many cases, if you allow replacement of major components then it can go long after its warranty expires.

Use a paper guide, correct the paper, clean the rollers, never use a damaged paper and correct the paper settings to prevent paper from jamming.

No, they don’t dry up even if its left for a long time, unlike inkjet printers. Laser printers need toner, a fine powder that prints images and texts on the paper.

A laser printer toner can last anywhere between a year or two. Contact us now to get your laser printer toner.

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